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Automation using the sweet-spot of technology for highly effective and low cost solutions


Personal computers and their variants, various automation sensing and actuation technologies, and the internet provide an environment that begs for fusion.  mcsSolutions brings these elements together with software and integration for the businesses and homeowners that need to drive cost down in a world of increasing utility cost and higher expectations for quality of life.




mcsSprinklers is a premier irrigation control solution that provides water-saving smart irrigation control from the convenience of a personal computer using weather and forecast information from the internet or a local weather-station. 

Three tiers of capabilities are available to address basic through professional needs

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Homeseer Extensions

Homeseer is a leading home automation software application.

mcsSolutions provides a variety of extensions to expand its automation capabilities.

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xAP Automation

xAP is an open-standard IP-based communication protocol designed to support distributed automation and telemetry. 

mcsSolutions provides xAP-compliant components that seamlessly integrate into these distributed automation solutions.

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