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Homeseer Plugins




A Homeseer plug-in that supports data collection, storage, and display of environmental data, event control based on the data, and a web interface that will display the collected data numerically and graphically.

Data are collected from local sensors and the web. The local sensor data can be obtained using internal drivers to the one-wire bus for the Temp05, Temp08, DS9097, DS9490, and Quasar 3145 interfaces; from multiple delimited text files; or from other custom drivers such as the Temp05 and 1-Wire Homeseer plug-ins. Combinations of the interface methods are also supported to maximize the flexibility for data collection. Forecasted temperature and publicly-available current conditions are based on data obtained from the MSNBC or WeatherXML web site.

A wide variety of 1-Wire sensors are supporting including temperature (DS1822, DS18B20, DS1820, DS1921), humidity, barometric pressure, voltage (DS2438), wind direction, voltage (DS2450), rainfall, wind speed, wattage, waterflow, lightning (DS2423), switches & relays (DS2405, DS2406, DS2408), and presence (DS1982, DC1990).

All web interfaces are designed for both 640x480 touchscreen and typical larger PC layouts.  Considerable charting customization is possible with selection of of period, intervals, control bands, grouping, color schemes, and screen size.  All is done with real time user selection from a browser interface and includes walking charts that update as sensor data is updated in a manner that does not redraw the full browser screen.

Control loops can be selected as device actions to create virtual thermostats or other control functions that run and provide control status.  Event triggers can also be specified to detect when a sensor is outside limits, limits, within bands, rate of change, and divergence.  Triggers based upon relationship of two sensors can also be specified.


mcsTemperature Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin





  mcsAudrey is a Homeseer plug-in that supports use of 3Com Audrey as a control touchscreen geared to Home Automation applications. The plugin provides access to manipulate Audrey's assets from both a natural device interface that is available via the Homeseer GUI or web interface and a rich set of methods and properties that can be used with script or other programming tools.

Each Audrey is characterized as an interface with the following controllable entities
    1. Display Screen
    2. Sleep/Awake
    3. Backlight Power
    4. Top LED
    5. Mail LED
    6. Browser
    7. Sound Byte
    8. Sound Byte Volume
    9. Master Volume
    10. Reserved for Growth


Support Homeseer for Message Board and other user services for the automation community

mcsAudrey Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin





  mcsSprinklers is an integrated commercial / residential irrigation control package that uses readily-available personal computer resources to optimally irrigate an installation.  Its general capabilities and version dependencies can be viewed by following the hyperlinks.

In this configuration as a Homeseer plugin it supports integration with Homeseer  to augment the family of valves to include any that can be mapped to Homeseer Virtual Devices.  It also supports further integration with other aspects of automation via the Homeseer integration.

 Basic Version   $29.95       

Standard Version  $89.95  

Pro Version   $149.95       

Support Homeseer for Message Board and other user services for the automation community


mcsSprinklers Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin




  ADIOcelot is a Homeseer plug-in that supports use of the Applied Digital Ocelot and Leopard. This includes exchange of variables, bidirectional IR, and interface to connected IO Points such as the SECU series of peripherals.

It is based on a code base for the Homeseer Technologies Ocelot plugin with the following extensions included:

  1. Dynamic generation of variables and I/O points
  2. Filter of unused variables and I/O from unnecessary processing by homeseer
  3. Remapping of IR modes to allow continuous definitions for an IR device
  4. Dynamic Connect / Disconnect of Com Port to allow CMAX use
  5. Synchronization of CMAX System map with Homeseer definitions

ADIOcelot Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin




  mcsXap is a Homeseer plugin that exposes the Homeseer SDK to the LAN using xAP messaging.

It allows any xAP message to be mapped into one or more Homeseer devices and allows any Homeseer device to be mapped into one of three xAP schema depending upon the Homeseer interface mechanism. These being xap-x10, IR, and xapBSC for X10, IR, and IO for the three Homeseer interface classes.

It also supports bidirectional event notifications, VR, TTS as well as a additional schema to fully exploit all capabilities provided by Homeseer

mcsXap Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin




  mcsDeviceGrid is a Homeseer plugin that graphically displays a range of devices showing status as well as providing a icon to click to change the status. Mouse-over actions display the homeseer device location and name for the device icon.

The icon is a small led with color of red, yellow, green, light blue, or dark blue to indicate current status of off, dim, on, unknown, not defined with homeseer, respectively. The overall view of the grid provides a good glimpse of the overall mapping of defined devices and their current state.

mcsDeviceGrid Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin




  mcsMovement is a Homeseer plugin intended to provide convienient setup for device string management, a way to track movement patterns and take actions based upon a specific From-To pair of sensors or upon activity in generalized areas.

It contains an intuitive GUI which is used to define the layout, virtual device and scripting methods that provide real-time decision making, and a web interface to view historical movement patterns.

The visuals can be applied to a graphic presentation such as UltraView to show movement down a hallway or up a road. The logic can be used to control X10 or other IO based a directional movement..

mcsMovement Homeseer (HS1, HS2) Plugin




  mcsMenu is a Homeseer plugin that allows customization of the Homeseer Menu bar that provides quick access to other plugin capabilities.

It will allow multiple plugin menu items to be shown in a single Menu bar entry.

The contents of this menu selection is made by picking and choosing other plugin menu selections or setup function. Once selected the menu text can be changed and the order altered.

mcsMenu Homeseer (HS1) Plugin




  Terminate.exe is a Homeseer-friendly application that will terminate a running program using the windows API calls. It first politely asks the application to shut itself down. If that request is ignored, then it takes a brute force method and shuts down the process in which the application was running.

Input to Terminate is the window title or process ID of the application. Optional status output is available in a homeseer global variable. It can be run from an event, script, asp, or command prompt or any other method normally used to launch an application.

Terminate Windows Application



From a homeseer event:

    App/Sound/Email Event tab

     Application Path hs.getPath & "\" & Terminate.exe

    Parameters:  winamp



Performance Monitoring

  Performance is a combination script and asp that will collect and display CPU utilization and memory utilization data for a running process or the computer overall. The script runs in the background and collects CPU utilization information. This data is optionally stored in a virtual device and / or optionally stored in a database. If a virtual device is used, then its on/off status also serves to control the collection of the performance data.

The web interface generates a two line graph showing CPU and memory use over time. Time selection allows for ranges between one day and one year. The display page also provides the average CPU and memory use for the period selected.

Performance Bundle Homeseer (HS2, HS1) Scripts



Web Agent

  WebAgent is a Homeseer plugin and companion application that will monitor web sites for information or changes in this information.

When WebAgent locates the items of interest it will perform one or more user-selected actions. A full repertoire of actions are available. The success status provided by WebAgent can also be used as part of a conditional event.

In this later mode WebAgent becomes the extension of Homeseer that will add the ability to trigger not only on device changes, but detection or changes in web content of other sources of text information.

WebAgent Homeseer (HS1) Plugin



Guardian Angel

  Guardian Angel is an executable that runs silently in a real time (highest) priority process and monitors the behavior of other processes or the computer overall.

The measurement currently observed is the CPU utilization over a period of time for a particular process or for the computer overall, or for the absence of a process that is intended to be running.

When the threshold is reached, or process disappears, then specified recovery actions are performed. The recovery actions are typically to terminate the offending process and restart it or to restart the computer.

Guardian Angel Application


  Monitor Process homeseer Utilization at 90% for 2700 seconds
Then execute restart at normal priority

Monitor Process notepad.exe Lack of Presence for 20 seconds
When detected shutdown
Then execute notepad.exe at normal priority



  mcsIniEditor is an ASP will allow remote editing of any ini file in the Homeseer \Config folder from a web page. It also provides the option of restarting Homeseer from the web location which is sometimes needed after editing an ini file.

If the restart homeseer button is used from the asp, then the connection with homeseer will, of course, be lost. After homeseer restarts the web connection can be reestablished.

mcsIniEditor Homeseer (HS2, HS1) ASP




  mcsMusic is a Homeseer Plugin that allows web viewing and control of various MP3 and CD music players. The primary user interface is a desktop, laptop, or touchscreen browser that presents attractively formatted current playing information. This includes cover art graphics, textual song information, and graphic control buttons. Control of the player can also be achieved with VR from a microphone or telephone as well as standard scripting interface common to all players.

The plugin supports 19 simultaneous players from a mixture of CDJ, Winamp, phJuke/Audrey, WMP, and a user-defined custom player. Players can be resident on any combination of computers on the Homeseer LAN

mcsMusic Homeseer (HS1) Plugin